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Removal of sarcoid tumor on gelding's sheath

Case Report: 7 yr old Appaloosa gelding with a sarcoid on sheath

The tumor was removed with a wide margin of skin since the exact nature of the tumor was unknown at the time of surgery.  After it was removed it was sent to the diagnostic lab and confirmed as a sarcoid tumor.  Sarcoid tumors are not metastatic but tend to recur and radical excision is recommened if possible.  

Due to the massive wound left after removing the tumor, a drain was placed to allow the serum and blood to drain without causing additional swelling and discomfort.

The tumor was opened and consisted of very dense tissue, encapsulated and avascular (the tumor did not have a good blood supply).  

Rocky was placed on oral antibiotics for 8 days and anti-inflammatories for five days.  The drain was removed in five days.  The sutures were removed in 8 days and the incision site healed within two weeks.  

The interesting observation about the location of this tumor is that it is at the site of the castration site when he was castrated as a young horse.  There are some that believe that this tumor is caused by a virus and may be transmitted by flies into open wounds.