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Equine Wellness Plan

TOVS Wellness Program: Affordable, Flexible Health Plans for Horses

TOVS now offers an equine wellness program that is stratified with respect to the age, medical problems, athletic demands and disease exposure risks encountered by your horse.

The plans include wellness exams, vaccines, coggins, a dental exam/float, sheath cleaning for geldings, fecal exams, and a customized deworming program for each horse. In addition, specialized services such as a lameness evaluation, acupuncture and osteopathic evaluations and bloodwork are included in the more comprehensive wellness plans.

Clients can enroll from January to February, and we schedule services throughout the rest of year. This is advertised on our website: This program encourages affordable, quality health care for enrolled horses depending upon their individual needs. For example, you own two horses, one is a retiree who doesn’t leave the farm and is no longer ridden. Your other horse actively competes and travels to local shows and events. Obviously the needs for these two horses are different. Our wellness plans are designed to address these different needs.

Our four wellness plan options maximize your horse's health and your veterinary health care budget, with a 25% savings on our regular prices. Any additional services such as additional vaccines not included in the plan (botulism, intranasal flu, etc.), are 5-10% off the regular price. Enrolled horses are also eligible for 5-10% off the price of radiographs for routine screening purposes or lameness issues. Horses enrolled in the Platinum and Gold Plans also get 10% off the price of Pentosan polysulfate, Adequan, and Legend IV purchases throughout the year.

It is well known that good preventative medicine can increase your horse's chances for a longer, healthier life. Get peace of mind that your horse's basic veterinary care is taken care of for an entire year with TOVS Wellness Programs. Click here for the conditions of enrollment.


Platinum Wellness Plan

The most comprehensive plan is the “Platinum Wellness Plan.” Horses enrolled in this plan are seen by TOVS four times a year. This plan is for the high level performance horse that is exposed to many outside horses. The first visit of the year is the Spring Visit (Feb/Mar), during which we will perform a complete physical examination, collect fecal sample, conduct a dental exam to determine if the teeth need to be floated and collect blood for a coggins and CBC/Chemistry evaluation. We will evaluate your horse’s vaccination history and determine which vaccines need to be administered at this and future visits. In addition, a soundness exam including an acupuncture and osteopathic evaluation will be performed. Based on the results of the fecal, an individualized deworming plan will be formulated. If the teeth need floating, a dental float will be performed at this time, as well as a sheath cleaning for geldings.

Gold Wellness Plan

The “Gold Wellness Plan” provides the same types of services; however, a CBC/Chemistry is not included and only two visits are included per year, i.e. the rhino/flu vaccine is only given twice a year instead of four times per year. The 10% discount applies to all other vaccines and any radiographs needed throughout the year. This plan provides excellent coverage for the performance horse that may travel locally and only have moderate exposure to outside horses.

Silver Wellness Plan

The “Silver Wellness Plan”, like the “Gold”, includes two visits per year. It does not include the soundness/acupuncture/osteopathic exam, or the intranasal strangles vaccine but does offer 5% off other vaccines and radiographs. This plan may be appropriate for the pleasure horse that doesn’t leave home as a rule and rarely encounters other outside horses.

Bronze Wellness Plan

The “Bronze Wellness Plan” is the most economical plan, but perhaps not the most ideal with respect to protection against infectious diseases, as it only includes one visit per year, i.e. one rhino-flu vaccine and likewise only one EWT/WNV vaccine and does not include the intransal strangles vaccine, the PHF vaccine or a coggins. The 5% discount does apply if additional vaccines are requested and if radiographs are needed for any reason.

If you need help deciding which plan is best for your horse, please feel free to give Dr. Woerner a call at (540) 338 7081 to ask for help.


  • Platinum: $593 per year - for the high level performance horse with frequent exposure to other horses
  • Gold: $478 per year - for the active performance horse with less exposure to other horses
  • Silver: $305 per year - designed for the performance horse on a budget.
  • Bronze: $188 per year - provides a basic level of care for low-risk horses that have a low level of exposure to other horses.
Times per YearTimes per YearTimes per YearTimes per Year
Wellness Exam/Visit4221
Soundness, Acupuncture, Osteopathic Exam11
IN Strangles11
Coggins Test111
Blood Profile/CBC1
Dental Float /Sheath Cleaning1111
Additional Vaccines, Radiographs10% discount10% discount5% discount5% discount
Retail Cost$791$637$407$250
Plan Cost$593$478$305$188

NOTE: Call fees are not included in the price of the Wellness Program and are charged separately, along with any tranquilization necessary to restrain the horse for dentistry and/or sheath cleaning. Call Fees vary from $50 - $80 depending on your location.


Wellness Exam: Includes an assessment of overall body condition and health. Includes examining eyes,teeth, auscultation of the heart, lungs and abdomen. Exam of skin and other areas as deemed necessary. Receive guidance on proper nutrition and deworming.

Soundness Exam: Exam of horse trotting on hard surface to evaluate for possible lameness issues. If a lameness is detected, secondary lameness workup(not covered by plan) may be required on separate date.

Fecal Float: Exam of the horse's manure for evidence of intestinal parasites.

Blood Profile and CBC: Blood profile uses enzyme levels to evaluate organ function.(kidney, liver,electrolytes and muscle dysfunction). CBC stands for complete blood count which checks for anemia and infectious processes and white blood cell disorders.

For definitions of the vaccinations, please click here to go to the client education page.