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Horse Services

Tally Oaks Veterinary Equine Services and Staff

TOVS brings professional, affordable, compassionate care to horses in Northern Virginia. We have state of the art equipment which we carry with us at all times. We provide wellness exams, vaccinations, deworming programs and counseling, and nutrition consults. Dr. Woerner personally performs all the dental examinations and dental procedures, with an emphasis on gentle, atraumatic handling and aftercare if needed. We also offer equine wellness plans and discounts for multiple horses to make our comprehensive health care more affordable.

TOVS continues to expand our equine services. We have state of the art digital x-ray imaging equipment and digital ultrasound. Our facility has a round pen and a large ring to facilitate lameness diagnosis. Many times Dr. Woerner will ride the horse to assist in diagnosing the problem.

In addition to our routine procedures such as joint injections, xrays and ultrasound, we also offer acupuncture, osteopathic manipulations and mesotherapy for our equine patients with neck and back pain. We also perform interspinous “back” injections and tendon injections with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) or stem cells. We have recently purchased a Class IV Therapeutic Laser to help with lameness issues and musculoskeletal injuries. We also now use essential oils for a variety of conditions in horses. Rain drop technique using essential oils is especially helpful for the horse that is immunocompromised or has an unexplained lameness or is experiencing decreased performance.

Our proximity to Marion duPont EMC allows us serve as a lay-up facility for horses recovering from medical or surgical procedures.

Endoscopy services are also available for diagnosing horses with upper respiratory issues and for monitoring response to therapy for horses with Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO, IAD, COPD) and respiratory infections.

More about our Acupuncture Services: Acupuncture is part of one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world. It was developed in China over 4000 years ago and is still one of most commonly used medical systems in the world. Dr. Woerner had advanced training in acupuncture at the Chi Institute under the instruction of Dr. Xie.

A huge variety of conditions in horses benefit from acupuncture. Most common musculoskeletal, respiratory, neurological, urogenital and cardiovascular conditions can benefit, and also some behavioral conditions. Acupuncture is increasingly used for performance horses, both to treat clinical conditions and maximize sub-optimal performance in the absence of clinical disease. A major benefit of the use of acupuncture in competition horses is that no drugs are used.

Dr. Woerner also uses electrical stimulation in combination with the acupuncture to reduce pain, increase local circulation, and promote healing. Electrodes applied to the skin deliver low-voltage, intermittent stimulation to surface nerves in the skin. For the horse, therapeutic electricity provides a comfortable modality with a broad range of application, that include muscle atrophy and nerve stimulation, joint swelling, laminitis, tendinitis, and sore backs. For horses that are needle-shy, we use our laser machine to stimulate acupuncture points for a pain-free relaxing acupuncture experience.

To watch Dr. Woerner in action, please check out the following links.

Dr. Woerner also owns, rides and competes her own horses, which she has bred and trained herself.