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Dental Discount Months At Tovs

Tally Oaks Veterinary Service is offering a great deal on dental exams & cleaning for your pets

Veterinary medical dental care is an essential component of a preventive healthcare plan. Quality dental care is necessary to provide optimum health and quality of life. If left untreated, diseases of the oral cavity are painful and can contribute to other local or systemic diseases. Tumors of the oral cavity are also fairly common in dogs and cats and if discovered early can be treated more successfully.

Does your pet need dental attention?

  • Start by lifting your pet’s lips. If you see dirty or discolored teeth, typically an ugly brownish-greenish color, this is likely tartar or plaque and is an early sign of imminent gum or periodontal disease.
  • Next examine the gums for any swelling or redness. If you brush your fingertip along the gum line and observe the tissues become angry and inflamed or even bleed, this indicates more serious gum infection and disease.
  • Finally, take a whiff. If your pet's breath is foul smelling this is usually associated with bacterial infection. A pet with a healthy mouth should have pleasant or at least neutral odor.

If your pet exhibits any of these signs, you need to have your pet seen immediately. Please call us to discuss how to schedule your free assessment. If we determine that your pet does need a dental cleaning or other dental procedures, we will conduct a full physical examination (also free) and draw blood for pre-operative bloodwork (CBC, electrolytes, chemistry, clotting factors). The bloodwork is highly recommended and costs $65. You can opt out of this but we don't recommend it. Then we will schedule the dental procedure. The cost of the dental cleaning is based upon the weight of the pet. Additional charges will apply for antibiotics, pain medicine, tooth extractions, dental sealants, and intra-oral nerve blocks.

We offer affordable dental care because we want to encourage our clients to have their pet's teeth cleaned. Please call us to discuss our prices. In the month of February (Pet Dental Month) we offer a 10% discount off of dental cleaning.