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At Home Humane Euthanasia Services


Tally Oaks Veterinary Service provides in home euthanasia services for pets of all sizes. We come to your home or farm when euthanasia services are needed. Dr. Woerner personally coordinates and performs all euthanasia services and will discuss your needs as well as consult with your on any questions you may have about your animal's well being. We believe in a very peaceful and pain free process and a cocktail of drugs is given to allow your pet to pass into a deep and tranquil sleep prior to the euthanasia agent being administered. This allows you to spend some quality moments at the end and also allows the euthanasia process to proceed at whatever pace is needed for you to say goodbye.

We work closely with a well respected cremation service - Agape Pet Services, in Boonsboro, MD, to provide either private cremation (your pets ashes are returned in a wooden box, name inscribed) or a standard cremation where no ashes are returned but cremation is performed in a state of the art facility.


If you would like to discuss end of life options and would like to understand more about the procedure, please feel free to contact Dr. Woerner personally. She will spend whatever time is needed to help you prepare and be comfortable and confident that we will perform the procedure in a professional and peaceful manner.


Prices for euthanasia, cremation services, house calls and emergency fees are available upon request.

Dr. Tania Woerner 540 338 7081 or email at